AWS and the Quest for Identity-Centric Security

September 13, 2016 |
Control user access to AWS resources, in a very fine-grained way, without having to manually create and maintain burdensome lists of IP addresses across security groups

Everyone using Amazon Web Services (AWS) quickly becomes familiar with the Shared Responsibility model for security, depicted below. This is a necessary, and well-thought-out part of the AWS design, clearly delineating what customers and AWS are responsible for from a... Read More

How to Simplify, Secure and Scale AWS User Access

September 8, 2016 |
How to Simplify, Secure and Scale AWS User Access

Managing and automating tightly controlled user-access in AWS is just too complex and too slow for several reasons: 1. User access is IP centric but their IP addresses change (office, home, mobile) 2. Dynamic environments cause extra administrative burden 3.... Read More