Web Compliance for a Dynamic World: Accessibility Expert Discusses with IAAP

January 17, 2017 |
IAAP Logo: Web Compliance for a Dynamic World: Accessibility Expert Discusses with IAAP

Cryptzone is proud to be a founding member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), who have invited Ken Nakata, Director, Accessibility Consulting Practice to present an investigation into the laws impacting website design for persons with disabilities and the standards that should be met.

In today’s complex world, your website must comply with many accessibility and privacy requirements. Adhering to these regulations and standards not only reduces risk of litigation, but also drives customer satisfaction. Yet, as the number of content contributors and various web development teams expand, your websites can grow increasingly out of control. In fact, most companies don’t even know how many live web pages they have at any given moment, let alone if their websites comply with regulations and organizational standards.

So how do you educate your content contributors on your standards?

Ken Nakata will discuss what you need to know to protect your business in an IAAP webinar on Tuesday January 31, 2017 11:00 AM EST – Register now. In addition to providing details on applicable accessibility laws and corresponding litigation, Ken will provide practical steps you can take to ensure your expanding web properties are providing equal access to each and every one of your users. You will learn how the standard, called Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA, can be applied to bring your website into compliance, and the varying approaches that different types of organizations can take to face their unique challenges. Understanding and complying with these regulations not only protects you from serious fines and penalties, it has been shown to improve overall user satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Take Control of Your Website

Compliance Sheriff ensures that online content complies with accessibility, privacy, site quality and brand integrity standards. Customers can quickly identify and correct problems throughout all of their web properties. With Compliance Sheriff, all content contributors use the same standards and terminology, reducing confusion and streamlining training. Compliance Sheriff scans your existing content with out-of-the box checkpoints that can be customized or expanded to meet your evolving business needs.

Compliance Sheriff is the only software that scans dynamic web content as a rendered page rather than as source code. It fully renders every web page before scanning placing the emphasis on the end user’s experience and guides team members directly to those items requiring remediation or visual inspection.

  • Content providers and web developers can incorporate compliance into the initial design and quickly pinpoint and remediate problems.
  • Developers can easily identify both the visual representation of the issue and the pertinent lines of source code.
  • Compliance directors and auditors can visualize, monitor and report against standards across all departments, demonstrating process improvement.

Compliance Sheriff reduces your risk of litigation and improves customer satisfaction by providing a repeatable and measurable solution. Compliance Sheriff helps make all web content accessible by every person in every place, every time.

Image Website Accessibility Program to Reduce Litigation Risk

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Diana South

As Senior Product Marketing Manager, Diana South is responsible for Cryptzone’s data loss prevention and digital accessibility solutions. Diana brings over 20 years of experience with enterprise software to help organizations provide equal and secure access for their users, delivering products that become integral to the customers' business.

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