Cryptzone’s Newly Patented AppGate Solution Delivers Superior Access Control

November 3, 2015 |
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Protecting the network, and the services behind it, is crucial to the security strategy of all organizations. One of Cryptzone’s core beliefs is that organizations need to limit the entitlements of all users to more effectively control access and limit the damage that can be done in the event of a breach.

The US Patent and Trademark Office recently issued Cryptzone U.S. Patent 9,148,408 B1 for its “systems and methods for protecting network devices.” The new patent demonstrates Cryptzone’s unique ability to determine, identify and secure user access to a network and the applications and services behind it. The patent is related to the core mechanism used in our AppGate technology and describes the way it uses a central policy server (controller) to create user-specific tokens that define network resource entitlement, enforced across a set of distributed gateways. Cryptzone’s AppGate solution delivers the ability to dynamically manage access and entitlements to reduce risk and maximize operational efficiency.

Cryptzone has invested heavily in world-class research that enables us to uniquely identify and protect microsegments within the network. The US Patent and Trademark Office has recognized the innovations that Cryptzone is bringing to market. Our differentiating technology creates a ‘segment of one’ between a user and a single resource on a network, providing highly granular, intelligent and secure access control.

Learn more about AppGate or read our whitepaper on How a ‘Segment of One’ Simplifies and Improves Security to understand why this patented technology is key to your security strategy.

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Kurt Glazemakers

Kurt Glazemakers is the Senior Vice President, Product Strategy at Cryptzone. He is responsible for defining the strategy and roadmap of the next generation of Cryptzone IT security architecture focused on Encryption and Identity and Access Management (IAM). Glazemakers was the independent technical expert within the Medina Capital investment team that exercised due diligence prior to the acquisition of Cryptzone.

Glazemakers is renowned for his extensive knowledge of software development, especially in the software-defined network and storage area. Prior to joining Cryptzone, he served as CTO of CloudFounders, a developer of advanced private cloud technologies for IT-as-a-Service solutions.

He also served as Terremark’s CTO Europe (now part of Verizon), where he was responsible for the development of Enterprise Cloud. Throughout his career, Glazemakers has focused on the development of innovative solutions that increase the availability, security and scalability of mission-critical infrastructures. He holds a Master of Engineering, Telecommunications and Computer Networks from Universiteit Gent in Belgium.

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