Cryptzone to Present at Accessing Higher Ground Conference

November 11, 2016 |
Cryptzone to Present at Accessing Higher Ground

Cryptzone will present at the upcoming Accessing Higher Ground Conference, Nov. 16 – 18, 2016 in Colorado. Speaking alongside NASA and the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights, Cryptzone will present at two different sessions on Thursday, November 17.

Cryptzone and the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights join forces on ‘What To Expect When the Government Comes Knocking on Your Virtual Door’, a session focused on anticipating a compliance review or investigation by the Department of Education or other federal agencies. In this session, Mary Lou Mobley, an attorney with the Office for Civil Rights, will present alongside Ken Nakata, Cryptzone’s Director of Accessibility Consulting Practice.

NASA and Cryptzone will present later in the day on ‘The Need to Consider Built Environment and IT Accessibility Together – A Case Study’, featuring Bob Cosgrove, External Compliance Manager, for NASA’s Office on Diversity and Equal Opportunity (ODEO) who will co-present with Ken Nakata and Jeffrey Singleton, Cryptzone’s Senior Accessibility Consultant. The case study to be presented builds upon Cryptzone’s extensive experience in Section 504 compliance reviews and was the first comprehensive review that focused on how these two aspects of accessibility change when considered together.

“Accessibility problems are often seen as either traditional built environment accessibility issues or IT accessibility issues, when in fact they should be addressed together,” said Ken Nakata. “Our in-depth technology expertise and insight gained from our clients help us successfully navigate through the ever-changing compliance landscape. We relish this opportunity to present alongside NASA and the Office for Civil Rights to take a deeper look into the application of compliance reviews, section 504 and how the physical (built) and IT worlds combine to create unique accessibility challenges.”

The Accessing Higher Ground Conference focuses on the implementation and benefits of accessible media and information resources in the university, business and public settings, while also examining accessible media in regards to legal, policy and compliance issues. Cryptzone will also be exhibiting at the event.

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Diana South

As Senior Product Marketing Manager, Diana South is responsible for Cryptzone’s data loss prevention and digital accessibility solutions. Diana brings over 20 years of experience with enterprise software to help organizations provide equal and secure access for their users, delivering products that become integral to the customers' business.

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