AWS re:Invent 2016 – Day 1 Summary

November 30, 2016 |

AWS re:Invent Day two is underway. Here is my summary of day one.  There were some great announcements plus some interesting observations about the conference itself.

Partner Conference: The first day is focused around the partners – those that sell and resell AWS software and services. Many of these sessions are at the 100,000 foot level, so not nearly as technical as the sessions that will be available at the rest of the conference. Many of these also include some strategy and roadmaps as to the direction that AWS is going, as well as their partners, to push the products forward.

Keynote: Lots of new services and programs announced yesterday at the opening keynote – the AWS features will be announced on Wednesday and Thursday. One of the most interesting tidbits discussed yesterday was the fact that AWS is adding capacity at the rate of a Fortune 500 equivalent business EVERY DAY! I know that there are many in the industry that do not understand why there are not more competitors to AWS and Azure in the space (yes, I know that Google and Oracle are making public cloud plays as well). But if you think about the sheer resources needed to add that kind of compute on a DAILY basis, you start to understand the difficulty of others jumping into the market. You can also gain an appreciation for how committed Amazon is to their cloud platform.

reInvent Day 1

Oh, the Humanity: There are lots of people at this conference. LOTS. I don’t know the exact number (I assume that we will hear about it later today), but rumor has it over 30,000. I can easily believe it – I have been to many tech conferences at the Venetian, but never have I seen one so crowded.  There are lines to the sessions (supposedly they are completely booked), lines to get into the Expo center, lines for the meals. With all of that, you would think that people would be cranky – exactly the opposite. There is an excited energy here unlike I have experienced in a very long time.

At the Cryptzone booth (Booth #1918) for the opening social, there was a great deal of traffic. Though there was likely a great deal of traffic EVERYWHERE, as there were people everywhere. Still, great conversations with lots of great folks wanting information about a great product.

Let’s get this next day started!

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Chris Steffen

Christopher Steffen joined Cryptzone in October 2016 as the Technical Director to educate and promote information security and regulatory compliance as it relates to network access management and cloud computing solutions. Before joining the team at Cryptzone, Chris served as the Chief Evangelist – Cloud Security for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). He has also served in executive roles as the Director of Information Technology at Magpul Industries (a plastics manufacturing company) and as the Principal Technical Architect for Kroll Factual Data (a credit service provider). Steffen has presented at numerous conferences and has been interviewed by multiple online and print media sources. Steffen holds several technical certifications, including CISSP and CISA.

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