Data Loss Protection– Securing data on-premises, online and anywhere in between

September 1, 2016 |

Data Loss Protection (DLP) is a hot topic because of the daily breaches announced. Consider that just out, one investigator confirmed that 69 million Dropbox accounts have been compromised since 2012.

The challenge though is that for many organizations seeking to secure content, they often over-secure it, locking down all content making it hard for employees to collaborate. The result: users look to solutions like Dropbox, introducing new security vulnerabilities.

For those organizations adopting SharePoint Online and SharePoint 365, this is an important lesson. If while migrating to the solution, you secure the content to the detriment of collaboration, people will quickly find an alternative means.

But SharePoint Online and Office 365 migration projects can be complicated, often because of information security concerns. So, how can you simplify and accelerate the process by applying security and privacy policies early in the transition?

This is what I’ll talk about next week in our upcoming Tech Webinar: SharePoint Migration – Securing data on-premises, online and anywhere in between on Thursday September 8th at 2pm EST. With a focus on secure collaboration, this webinar will show you how to:

  • Identify data security concerns in a hybrid environment
  • Ensure users can securely access files during the migration, without disruption
  • Apply Data Loss Prevention policies when users access Office 365 from unmanaged devices
  • Attest that sensitive files moved to SharePoint Online remain secured
  • Enforce local regulations when data moves between countries

SharePoint and Office 365 collaboration promises to make organizations more effective across all devices, greatly improving mobile access to content, people, and applications. This promise, however, can quickly result in significant business risks as collaboration becomes cumbersome, costly, inflexible and prone to security breaches.

Interested in solving these issues attend the webinar.

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Diana South

As Senior Product Marketing Manager, Diana South is responsible for Cryptzone’s data loss prevention and digital accessibility solutions. Diana brings over 20 years of experience with enterprise software to help organizations provide equal and secure access for their users, delivering products that become integral to the customers' business.

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