Best Network Security and Compliance Resources of 2016

December 23, 2016 |
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As we wrap up another year and prepare for the cyber threats of 2017, here are a number of top network security and compliance resources from 2016. Ranging from feature articles to free analyst research, whitepapers, on-demand webinars and more, these resources provide information on the new security model every network security professional needs to investigate.

Forrester – “No More Chewy Centers: The Zero Trust Model of Information Security”

Perimeter-based security, NAC’s, firewalls and VPNs are ineffective against malicious insiders and targeted attacks. So, what can you do? Download this complimentary Forrester report and learn about a new Zero-Trust model that makes security ubiquitous throughout the digital business ecosystem, and not just with a hardened perimeter. This Forrester report is for written for senior security, network, architect, operations, infrastructure and risk professionals.

Network World says Goodbye, NAC. Hello, Software-Defined Perimeter

Enterprise organizations are embracing network access control (NAC) concepts but on a bigger, broader scale than we ever imagined back in 2006. Read the article that discusses network access control versues software-defined perimeters. Read the Network World article.

AWS Security – Simplify, Scale, & Secure User Access

How can you more simply the process of securing user access to AWS systems for your organization’s employees, contractors and third-parties? Watch the on-demand webinar that discusses lessons learned and new approaches to secure and audit user access to AWS – while also improving IT operational agility. Watch it now.

Cover Story CIO Review, Pioneering Context-Aware Security

When Time Inc., NY’s publishing giant decided to shut down all of its data centers and move to cloud, a top concern for the media behemoth was the security of its information database. Time Inc.’s fears however, dissipated in no time. By opting for AWS, the company not only reinforced its security controls, but through a multi-tiered defense strategy of identity management and encryption, Time Inc. achieved more granular security. Read the CIO Review cover story.

Reducing PCI Scope and Effort with a Software-Defined Perimeter

Learn how SageNet, a managed services provider managing 160,000+ customer locations, helped a convenience store chain with 600+ locations improve security and reduce PCI audit scope by more than 50% using Cryptzone’s AppGate. Watch it now.

Managing the Risks of Third-Party Access: Why Old Model Security Solutions Aren’t Stopping Data Breaches

Chances are we’ve yet to hear the last of breaches tied to credential theft – whether it’s third-party or employee credentials.  This paper explains how organizations can change their security practices to not only better secure access, but also limit damage if bad actors find their way into your networks. Download Managing the Risks of Third-Party Access: Why Old Model Security Solutions Aren’t Stopping Data Breaches.

Website Accessibility – A Program to Reduce Litigation Risk

So-called “ADA letters” – letters sent by law firms alleging individuals with disabilities are denied access to an organization’s goods and services because of inaccessible websites – are increasing.

And the number of related lawsuits filed in federal court this year has surged. What can you do? Watch this webinar recording that describes specific steps to take to reduce your website accessibility litigation risk. Watch a presentation by Ken Nakata.

Securing Files for All Users, All Devices, All Locations – In Any SharePoint Environment

SharePoint’s native security does a lot. But many common collaboration scenarios require additional security capabilities beyond what SharePoint provides. Learn how to secure files for all users, all devices, and all locations — in any SharePoint environment. See the on-demand webinar.

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A speaker at recent (ISC)2 conferences and ISACA, he’s participated in numerous webinars, in panel discussions and presented on topics including Identity Security, Application Security and Open Source Governance and Management.

Marshall earned a BA at Bates College and an MBA, cum laude, at the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College.

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