Jason Garbis

Vice President of Products, Cryptzone
Jason Garbis is Vice President of Products for Cryptzone, where he's responsible for the company's product strategy and product management. Garbis has over 25 years of experience with technology vendors, including roles in engineering , professional services, product management, and marketing. Jason joined Cryptzone from RSA, and holds a CISSP certification.

Is the Internet Really a Cesspool of Malice?

December 13, 2016 |

Industry analyst firm Gartner recently published a report entitled “It’s Time to Isolate Your Services from the Internet Cesspool.” This article explains why a Software-Defined Perimeter approach is needed for business applications that are exposed to the Internet – a... Read More

AWS and the Quest for Identity-Centric Security

September 13, 2016 |

Everyone using Amazon Web Services (AWS) quickly becomes familiar with the Shared Responsibility model for security, depicted below. This is a necessary, and well-thought-out part of the AWS design, clearly delineating what customers and AWS are responsible for from a... Read More